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Having witnessed the amazing growth of the online gambling market at first hand, we have decided to create a website aimed at helping online gamblers increase their chances of beating the bookies in their own game. A carefully selected team of gambling industry experts goes the extra mile to cover every aspect of online gambling, including sports betting, online casino, online poker and mobile gambling, making sure you always have access to the best welcome bonuses, promotions and special free gambling offers from top gambling venues.

Seeing that every member of the Free Betting team is an avid football fan first and foremost, sports betting and football in particular will occupy the centre stage of the website, meaning that this is the place where sports bettors will be able to find every piece of information that can help increase their starting bankroll.

In order to always have access to the best odds on the market you will need to open multiple bookmaker accounts and that is where our bookmaker reviews can be of big help. Instead of scouring the web and trying to find the gambling venue that accepts your preferred deposit method or the one with the best sign-up bonus, you can simply read the bookmaker reviews compiled by our team of gambling experts and then decide where you want to place your bets or play your favourite games. Also available on our site are free bets for football and other sports like horse racing and tennis that we hope will be well received by our fan base.

Our site will contain everything that a sports bettor, poker or casino player could possibly need to make the most of his gambling campaign, including the latest Football Betting Tips, Betting News, Best Free Bets from top online bookmakers, as well as the hottest bonuses and promotions on the web. Understanding that players looking for live betting could have a difficult time while searching for the best bookmakers that offer bet in-play, we have dedicated a special section to Bet In Play. Taking into account an increase in popularity of horse racing, the best UK, US, Australian and European racebooks will also be featured on, along with the best bonuses and promotions available to horse racing fans. Online casinos, online poker and mobile gambling will also be well represented here, since we are more than aware that top poker and casino rooms are slowly taking over from the world-famous sports betting operators.

We’ll hope you enjoy our webiste, and you are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions. We built this site for football fans and for people who bet on sports; and hopefully you will like what you are seeing.

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