Betting Strategies

Beating the bookies is not an easy job so you need to know as much as possible about different betting styles, types and systems in order to gain an advantage over them. That is why we have put together a page featuring different betting strategies that are bound to help you increase those winning percentages.

The majority of bettors are not interested in simple fixed odds betting but they are rather eager to try out new betting forms and find a way to start earning steady profits, and that is where our betting strategies can be of big help since we will be explaining the latest betting types as well as giving you pointers on how to make money from it.

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Posted on December 28, 2011
There was a time when punters could only bet on the match winner or the number of goals in a match, but the online betting market has progressed a great deal since then, with top online bookmakers now offering more than 100 markets per individual game. Even if punters now have endless number of betting
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Posted on December 15, 2011
Mobile betting has taken the gambling world by storm and it is slowly stealing the spotlight from the conventional form of wagering. With top online bookmakers constantly improving their mobile betting sites, punters from all over the world now have access to a number of high-quality mobile platforms, and they are looking for new ways
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Posted on June 8, 2011
Seeing that football is played for goals, it is little wonder that betting on goals is becoming more popular by the minute. Rather than worrying whether your team will live up to the expectations and win the game to bring you a nice winning, you can simply place a bet on the under/over market and
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Posted on May 12, 2011
While conservative sports bettors are still exclusively placing wagers on the 1X2 market, the punters with an unconventional approach to free betting are looking for ways to outsmart the bookies and exploring new betting options known to a limited number of people. One of the newest betting types used by sports punters is called spread
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Posted on April 14, 2011
Making a living out of sports betting is a dream for every bettor in the world, but that is not that easy to achieve. There are some rules that you need to follow in order to increase your winning chances, but, eventually, everything comes down to finding the best value or the right betting tips.
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Posted on April 12, 2011
If you have carefully read our first article about Asian handicap the odds are that you have gained an additional insight into the matter and learned some new tricks on how to profit from Asian handicap bets. This article will contain few more strategy tips which you can use to improve your winning chances at
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Posted on April 4, 2011
Quickly upon its inception, Asian handicap betting has gained a remarkable popularity among sports bettors, which is hardly surprising considering that this betting type offers much more options than the simple fixed odds betting. Asian handicap is designed to eliminate draw out of the equation, and thus your chances of winning significantly increase since there
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Posted on January 11, 2011
Every successful punter will tell you that right money management is essential if you aim to make steady profits from sports betting and that is exactly why we will pay a special attention to this area. This article contains important tips and pointers on how to increase your winning percentages and it should be seen
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Posted on January 8, 2011
Outright betting has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years and these days the majority of online bookmakers have this type of wagering in their offer. The main feature of this betting style is that instead of betting on a single game, you are betting on the outcome of an entire season,
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Posted on January 6, 2011
Betting exchange or player to player betting is a relatively new thing in the gambling world, but it is, nevertheless, quickly catching on in the betting community. There are not too many betting exchanges available on the web at the moment, but those that exist are extremely popular and are generating bigger incomes than some
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Sports Betting Strategy

The betting strategies page will equally cater for casual punters and those with a bit unconventional style, acting as a kind of a betting school designed to help you gain an insight into the world of sports betting.

Our betting experts will cover all areas that you could find helpful, such as money management, Asian handicap, betting exchanges, outright betting, spread betting, over/under betting and much more.

All the articles will not only contain explanations of various terms, but also tips and pointers on how to profit from that particular style. Our aim is to help you in any way we can, so you can rest assured that we will leave no stones unturned in our quest for the perfect system to beat the bookies.

Boasting an extensive experience in the online betting world, our betting experts can easily spot the new betting options and markets which could increase your winning chances, and rather than just keeping the important information for themselves, they will be looking to share their experiences and help you find the tips with the best value.

The betting strategy articles are meant to help punters improve their game and add a new dimension to their betting style, with an increased number of options likely to improve their winning percentages. Instead of just placing 1X2 bets, the betting strategies articles will teach you how to place bets at the betting exchanges, how to make the most out of spread betting, as well as give you expert insight into the world of Asian handicaps, and it is with this kind of knowledge that you will have bigger confidence when placing your bets, which is likely to result in more winning picks.

While the betting strategies page is designed to predominantly target the amateur punters and the ones that have just entered the sports betting world, serving as some kind of betting school or tutorial, there is every chance that even very experienced bettors will find some useful advice here or maybe a betting strategy that they might have overlooked, meaning that visiting this section on regular basis and reading the articles carefully is likely to produce great results.