Asian handicap strategy tips (part 1)

April 4, 2011
By: John Hansen

Quickly upon its inception, Asian handicap betting has gained a remarkable popularity among sports bettors, which is hardly surprising considering that this betting type offers much more options than the simple fixed odds betting. Asian handicap is designed to eliminate draw out of the equation, and thus your chances of winning significantly increase since there are now just two outcomes instead of three.

Seeing that the majority of sports bettors already know how Asian handicap works, instead of explaining the main rules we will rather focus on strategy tips that should help you increase your winning chances.

In order to always have access to the best odds on the market, you should first find several online bookmakers that not only boast a wide range of Asian handicap markets but also have sharp odds and open accounts at gambling venues such as 188BET and Bet365, who are top of the crop when it comes to Asian handicaps.

After you have opened multiple betting accounts, it is time to kick off your gambling campaign and level ball handicap betting is something you should seriously consider using as part of your general strategy. This particular market doesn’t give an advantage to either of the teams, but it will see you get your total stake back if the game ends in draw.

This means that if you back one of the title contenders playing away from home on level ball handicap the odds will be decent enough to ensure you nice profit if they do win the game, and if the game ends in draw you will have lost nothing. This is a great free betting strategy for the bettors who only place single bets, since they can keep backing good sides at high prices and still have a sort of insurance with every draw getting them the stake back.

If you are not one of those bettors who only back the favourites playing at home at pretty pathetic odds, then we have a perfect solution for you. When the odds on favourites are too low to count and you believe there is a good chance they will win the game with few goals to spare, our advice is to back that team at -1.5 Asian handicap. This means that your bet will win if the team win by at least a two-goal margin, and the best thing here is that the odds will be good enough to ensure you nice profit.

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