Finding the right betting tips

April 14, 2011
By: John Hansen

Making a living out of sports betting is a dream for every bettor in the world, but that is not that easy to achieve. There are some rules that you need to follow in order to increase your winning chances, but, eventually, everything comes down to finding the best value or the right betting tips. This article will cover the most important strategy of them all and we will reveal some tips and hints that should help you gain a firm foothold on the betting market.

1.) Only bet on your favourite sport

Sport betting is not an exact science but a good knowledge of the sport you are betting on can help you a great deal in finding the best betting tips, which is why you should only bet on the sporting events within your area of expertise. There is nothing worse than betting on the sport you know nothing about since that is a certain way towards the losing streak.

2.) Choose just two or three leagues to concentrate on

In order to gain an insight into a competition, sports bettors need to spend a lot of time watching the games and studying the teams before they can make an expert analysis, so our advice is to only focus on two, maximum three leagues if you want to be successful at sports betting. It could take you an entire season to find out how teams play home and away, who are their key players and how they react to goals scored and conceded, but this will be the time well spent as it will help you a great deal when making future bets.

3.) Watch the game or at least highlights

As we have already mentioned, you’ll need to get acquainted with all the teams and their squads before being able to find the right betting tips, which is why it is essential that you watch as many games as possible or at least highlights after each round. A trained eye can draw many conclusions from every single game and we recommend that you write down your observations about every single team and create what will be a very useful database.

4.) Pay attention to teams’ performances rather than just results

A lot of sports bettors place their bets solely based on the teams’ position in the overall standings, which is pretty much the biggest mistake you can make. Studying teams’ performances and their style of play will tell you much more than any league table can, since you will be able to see when a team are playing well even if their results are pretty poor and thus make a nice profit by backing them to turn their season around.

5.) Seek expert advice but make your own decisions

With so many sports betting websites available nowadays, sports punters have got a great opportunity to consult numerous experts before placing their bets and our advice is to read soccer betting tips at reputable website because these can shed a new light on the game you are planning to bet on. Nonetheless, while you should respect everyone’s opinion, the final decision should always be yours, since you will be the one winning or losing money in the end.

6.) Be sure to always have the right info on the game

The absence of several key players can have a big effect on the team’s performance, especially if there are no decent replacements for the absentees, so betting news are something that you will have to pay attention to before placing your bet. You will have no problems finding the injury and suspensions news on those major leagues, but tracking down the websites specialized on those minor leagues can be essential to your betting campaign.

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