Outright betting

January 8, 2011
By: John Hansen

Outright betting has seen an increase in popularity over the last few years and these days the majority of online bookmakers have this type of wagering in their offer. The main feature of this betting style is that instead of betting on a single game, you are betting on the outcome of an entire season, which has numerous advantages as you will find out later.

Besides betting on the winner of a competition, you can also try to predict the team that will achieve a top 4 or top 6 finish, as well as back a team to avoid the drop or to get relegated. In competitions with Cup format, you can bet on a team to qualify from the group stage, to finish top of the group, or to reach the closing stages and get hefty payouts for winning your bets.

In regular sports betting, your winnings will depend on the outcome of just one game, meaning everything can go to waste if something unexpected happens, but with outright betting you need not worry too much if the team you are backing encounters a poor run as they will have plenty of time to make things right and consequently put money into your pocket.

Since it can be a bit frustrating to wait for an entire season to see if your bet is winning, there are a couple of other ways to make profit from outright betting. First of all, you should start the season by backing a title contender with the easiest fixture list in the opening rounds. That will see the odds on that team drop after they win the first few games, which means you will have already made some money if you back their rivals to win the competition at much higher odds than before the season started.

Betting exchanges are just perfect for this betting system as you can simply back a team and later lay the same team when the odds drop, making a sure profit. The same can be done with relegation strugglers, since you can simply back the team above the relegation zone to get relegated when you expect them to lose a couple of games in a row and once that happens, you can lay the same team and earn nice profit.

The best thing about outright betting is that it gives you the chance to secure your winnings if you are up or cut your losses if you are down, which can make a big difference to your total bankroll. In addition to that, the odds on outright bets vary a great deal from one bookie to another, meaning that once you open accounts at multiple bookmakers, your chances of steady profits will significantly improve. You can use our Odds Comparison service to find the best available odds on the web.

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