Check out Coral’s Enhanced Multiples!

January 4, 2013
By: Nemanja Lazarevic

Not only have Coral enhanced the price on a range of popular sporting multiple bets, but they are now giving away up to £/€200 as a free bet if the bet loses. will give 20% cash back as a free bet up to £200 on any of the following losing stakes struck on enhanced sport multiples.

This week’s Enhanced Multiples are:

Saturday Afternoon FA Cup 3rd Round

Aston Villa, Fulham & Chelsea 5/1
Wigan, Cardiff & Reading 6/1
Derby, Hull & Millwall 7/2

Saturday Evening

Malaga, Sevilla & Lazio 5/1

Sunday Afternoon

Arsenal, Liverpool & Real Madrid 5/2

Sunday Evening

Napoli, Barcelona & Atletico Madrid 4/1

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