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Cricket Betting

Cricket BettingCricket is a sport that manages to capture all of the entertainment and excitement that a sports fan could look for. At times, cricket is a drawn out and tactical affair whereas at other times it can be a fast and passionate sport that sees the impetus of the game change many times. This is why cricket betting is so important for fans of the sport and for sports betting people in general. There are many different ways to enjoy cricket and this is also true for betting on cricket.

While cricket may not have the same level of prestige on betting sites as horse racing, tennis or football, it is still a big draw for many betting sites. This is why cricket betting is always listed in the range of top sporting bets and there are many different betting options made available. Some sports only have a limited amount of bets attached to them but this is not the case with cricket.

Last Updated: October 24, 2020
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Wide array of cricket betting opportunities

Cricket BettingThere is a great range of markets available on cricket matches. The most obvious bets are the outright win bets on a match or a Test Cricket series but this is just the beginning of the betting opportunities for cricket lovers. There are many different bets within the match including draw no bet options, highest opening partnership betting opportunities, you can bet on who will lead at the end of the first innings, which team will have the top batsman and which team will have the man of the match on their side. It is even possible to bet on which team will win the coin toss!

With respect to cricket team betting opportunities, it is possible to bet on when the first home and away wickets will fall and how many runs each team will get in a specific over. There are also lots of cricket bets related to player performances too. It is possible to bet on the bet home and away batsman, bowler and you can place money whether a batsman will score fifty or not or whether they will hit a century or not. The full range of cricket bets may be unknown to some people who don't closely follow the betting market for this sport but for anyone keen to find a sport with a great range of betting opportunities, this is definitely a sport to look out for.

Live betting is available on some cricket matches

The wide range of cricket betting opportunities lends itself perfectly to live in-play betting. The individual player and team bets can be applied throughout the course of a match as well as before the match, allowing cricket fans to maintain an interest throughout the game. Some sports with live in-play betting opportunities, like horse racing, are over very quickly but some cricket games can last all day, offering an extensive amount of time to get involved with the live betting action.

Mobile betting keeps you up to date with the cricket action

Where there is live betting action, players now demand mobile betting action and there is a full selection of cricket bets available for mobile users. The convenience of mobile betting means you can place bets while at a cricket match, while watching the game down the pub with your mates or just at home watching on TV. Being able to place bets on cricket wherever you are has helped many people to make the most of their opportunities. With cricket having such a huge following at home and abroad, it makes sense that there would be a large interest in betting opportunities in the sport. The wide selection of cricket betting opportunities should ensure that the keen fan and the casual sports betting enthusiast has plenty to choose from in this area. Anyone looking for a great sport with plenty of betting opportunities to choose from will find that cricket is a brilliant option.