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US Open Betting

US Open BettingAs the fourth and final Grand Slam event of the tennis season, there is a lot of expectation and hope based on the US Open. This means that there are plenty of excellent opportunities associated with US Open betting. Some players will be desperate to grab a major event for the final time in the season and any player that is on a run of success will be extremely keen to keep this going.

All of this helps to keep the US Open as one of the eagerly anticipated tennis events of the year and it has been this way since 1881. There have not always been US Open betting opportunities since this date but there has always been a great deal of excitement. The first tournament may have been played on grass but there have been an awful lot of changes and developments over the years with regards to this tennis event. However, the changes have mainly been positive as this is one of the most loved tennis tournaments that take place around the world.

Last Updated: October 24, 2020
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US Open Betting Is Big Business

US Open BettingThis can be seen in the large crowds that flock to the two week event but it is even more explicitly found in the fact that there is a huge TV audience for the tournament every year. With so many fans following the event live, there is clearly a need for live in-play betting. Tennis is one of the most popular sports for live in-play betting thanks to the volume of bets that are available to choose from. With every point in tennis able to be bet on, there is a real opportunity to make the most of the online betting opportunities that are available.

There are plenty of US Open bets to choose from

Another reason that the US Open is so popular with tennis fans that enjoy a bet can be found with the fact that there are so many matches. With men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles to choose from, the range of games and betting opportunities is through the roof. From first place to the last action of the day, this event serves up thousands upon thousands of live in-play betting options to choose from. If you have time off or you are free, you could spend the vast majority of the two weeks this event takes place following the live action and placing events.

As the final Grand Slam event of the year, there is no getting away from how prestigious the event is in the tennis calendar. This means that there is a great deal of interest in the event which also allows for a wide range of US Open betting opportunities. This should help to keep the interest of all tennis fans who want to make the most of their betting time and money.