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French Open Betting

French Open BettingEven though there are plenty of tennis events and tournaments taking place throughout the year, there are some events that manage to stand out from the crowd. It is fair to say that the Grand Slam events will always take centre stage when it comes to tennis action and with French Open betting, you have the chance to be a winner yourself. The French Open is generally regarded as one of the toughest sporting events in the world but you can relax at home watching the tournament while you wait for your bets to come up.

This is the premier clay tennis event in the world and it is the only Grand Slam event that takes place on clay. This is definitely something that you have to bear in mind when thinking about French Open betting. Even though the top tennis players have shown that they are capable of playing on any sort of surface, there are some players that are better equipped for dealing with a particular type of surface. There is also a need to ensure that the player you are backing is in good physical condition because the clay tournament can be an energy sapping one.

Last Updated: October 24, 2020
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French Open betting takes the surface into account

French Open BettingThe style and pace of play on a clay tennis court is often a lot slower than other surfaces. It is also important to remember that five-set matches will not have a tie-break in the final set if it is all equal so backing the player that is in the best physical condition can be the sensible option. There are plenty of tennis events that have been decided by a superior level of fitness and the French Open is definitely one of them.

The French Open is a significant tournament

With well over 110 French Opens having taken place over the years, this is a tournament with an illustrious history. It would be fair to say that this event is possibly as well known for the players that didn’t manage to win the tournament as those that did. Again, this relates to the clay surface and the fact that the nature of the game on clay changes very much when compared to other surfaces. Tennis players that relied on a big serve to carry them through tournaments found that this advantage was not worth much when it came to playing on clay at the French Open. This may be something that will make its way into your betting strategy for the event.

ke all tennis tournaments, the French Open carries a significant number of betting opportunities for fans. From overall winners of the event to the individual points, games, sets and matches throughout the tournament, there is a lot of French Open betting opportunities to take on board. This should ensure that all tennis fans, French or otherwise will have the opportunity to feel involved when the tournament rolls around in May and June.