Unibet Live Betting Championship

January 18, 2012
By: Frank Beresford

Here is another unique Unibet promotion for you, something that has never been done before! They offer you a chance to win a travel package worth €1.800 to a thrilling Unibet Live Betting Championships Final in Prague.

The Live Betting Final has a prize pool of €10.000 and the Champion will walk away with €5.000! On top of that, each one of the 8 players at the final will receive a Samsung Galaxy tablet which they will use during the finals and it will be theirs to keep! You can win one of the 8 packages to the final by playing in the qualifiers on Live Betting.

Here’s how it works

The Live Betting Championship is consisted of three stages; the Qualifiers, the Semi Finals, and the Final.


The Qualifiers Round will last two weeks, from 16th to 29th of January, where the top 32 players will qualify to the Semi Finals. You only have to bet live on your favourite events and collect points in order to make it to the Semi Finals and from there to the Final in Prague.

Every day during the Qualifiers Round Unibet will update a leaderboard with the top 100 Live Betting players, using the following formula:

Amount staked x Number of events in the bet slip x Total odds of the bet slip (min odds of 1.20)

Example: you bet 10 euro on a live threefold combination of which the total odds are 5.50. Your result will be 10 x 3 x 5.50 = 165 – these will be your points for that bet.

Please note that once you opt-in, all your winning live bets count towards the leaderboard, so the more live bets you place, the more points you gather towards the leaderboard, the more chances you have to progress to the next stage. All points from your bets are accumulated and the 32 players with the most points at the end of the Qualifiers Round will progress to the Semis.

Semi Finals

The best 32 players will battle against each other for the 8 tickets to the grand final in Prague. The winning formula remains the same as above and Unibet will be updating the leaderboard everyday so that the players know where they stand at any given day. The Semis last from the 30th of January until the 6th of February and will give us the 8 players who will qualify for the Live Betting Final in Prague!

The Final

The cream of the crop of European Live Betting will be awarded a full travel package for Prague where they will compete for the 1st Live Betting Championship title.

Packages are worth €1800 and will include:

Accommodation for 2 nights (from 18th to 20th of February 2012) at the Hilton
Seat in the Live Betting Championship event – €1250
Spending money towards travel expenses – €300
2 breakfasts, 2 dinners + party on Saturday 18th February

The rules of the competition here change slightly. Each one of the 8 players will be given a Samsung Galaxy tablet which will include Unibet’s fantastic Android application and a brand new account with €100 credited in it. In an intense Live Betting “4 hour marathon” on Sunday the 19th of February Unibet will have their 1st ever Live Betting Champion. The winner will be the player with the highest balance in their account by the end of the Final. The only limitation that the contestants have is a minimum number of 30 live bets they must place during the Final.


1st place €5k + Samsung Galaxy Tablet
2nd place €2,5k + Samsung Galaxy Tablet
3rd place €1,5k + Samsung Galaxy Tablet
4th place €1K + Samsung Galaxy Tablet
5th place Samsung Galaxy Tablet
6th place Samsung Galaxy Tablet
7th place Samsung Galaxy Tablet
8th place Samsung Galaxy Tablet

How to participate?

In order to participate you’ll have to opt in to the promotion. All you need to do is click here to visit Unibet, go to the promotion page and enter your Unibet username.

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